Under the covers #30days30layers


Under the covers is my solace. You and I. Covers over our heads, darkness all around. This is it. I crave this moment. The intimacy. We release fears, dreams, worries, frustrations and all in between. This is my moment and I can’t get enough of you. I feel your warmth, it intoxicates me. You breath, your scent mixed with my own, this is our creations. You are everything I need in this moment, you are all that matters. We become one under the covers, we complete our days journey. We become what the other needs. Under the covers, laying in love, playing in like. We finish our day here, this rejuvenation is fulfillment. Ready to start another day, ready for the world… All because of you and me under the covers.

Image : Woman’s Feet Sticking Out Of Blanket On Bed At Home” by FrameAngel

Case of loves past


Why do I keep thinking about you
Why are you still crossing my mind
After all that’s happened????
Things weren’t perfect we had plenty of trials
We didnt end on great terms
So why can’t I stop thinking of you

Maybe you are an unanswered question
Maybe you represents something I have yet to realize
I always felt like what we had was special
…..but I wonder if you think of me
Probably not, you hadn’t reached out
Maybe you can’t or it’s best you don’t
But whatever the case; I want you out my mind
I meet others and I get so close to losing your memories
But in the moment where I picture love and happiness
When I want to experience and make some pure love
There you are

it’s not as if like I miss your touch
I can’t even remember what you kiss taste like
I have long forgotten that your touch was like
….well now that I think about it

This is unhealthy maybe me and my counselor or Jesus should explore this
But that would be a repeat
Still hadn’t found an answer that will make you go away
Our relationship is not something I want to relive
I admit I still care about you
Maybe the timing was off, maybe our paths will cross
But what if what it was, is all it will ever be
I dont want to continue living my life
Holding onto thoughts of someone who isn’t meant to be for me
It’s a cruel joke going on inside my mind right now
And I just want it over

Image via freedigitalphotos.net stressed lady with laptop” by David Castillo Dominici