Afraid to want it #30layers30days

This is Difficult subject for me because this is something that I battle with quite often. By no means did i grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth Continue reading

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Tiffany Haddish: Don’t let tough times count you out!

Much like Cardi B, Tiffany Haddish has had an amazing 2017. She recently made history has the first black stand up comedienne to host SNL.
I first saw Tiffany of def comedy jam in the early 2000. And I Continue reading

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He said nothing #30days30layers

I gave it to him. Presented in most elaborate beautiful wrapping. I gave him my box. The box locked up and tied tightly , the box vowed to only give to him. It was special to me. It held all my hopes and dreams. The desired for my life, how i wanted to be a wife and, gift beautiful black children and share our lives. I gave him the childhood memories that grew into therapy Sessions. gave him the smiles, the ‘i love yous’ the worries, the tears, the ‘are you alright’, gave my silent fears. i gave him me,my darkest secrets, and the thoughts i have as i await slumber-every night. It was all inside this box. Wrapped, sealed and guarded. gave it to him.
And he said nothing.

Image:Blank Card On Ribbon Gift Box And Red Rose” by poommy105 via

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Beautifully Broken #30layers30days

Broken promises, broken words, lies, the assaults that changed my innocence, the heartbreak of death, the disappointment of love, the expectation of respect and reciprocity. Trying to make sense of what i was told and that it’s my fault it didn’t pan out. (Even if eye didn’t know how) The brokenness the keeps me up as i should rest the beautifulness of my heart.
Every lie every pain everything that changes. It created me. My beautiful broken self carrying pieces that cut. I hold it, kiss it, caress it and pray for my beautiful brokenness and all she strives to be

Photo Marble Texture” by satit_srihin via free digital

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The ideal of you #30layers30days

The ideal of you made me excited with possibilities. The ideal of us becoming one made me believe you were an Continue reading

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