This is it


I’m soo happy about this day
I’m blessed beyond my worthiness
I have a new appreciation and love for everything around me
In this tomorrow and the days following
Im in my bliss
Things are far from perfect but it’s still good
I smile at you…it’s nice to have you here
It’s makes things even sweeter
Your embrace makes me feel so alive
It feel so protected as I lay my head on your chest
I feel your hands embrace my body and I want this feeling forever
I kiss your lips and my body rejoices
Is this victory
This is love and I can’t get enough of it
Im wrapped in the love of God
I know the truth of loving myself
And I can share it with you
This is an extension; a part of Gods plan
Because this union
This love was created for such
It pleases God
It connects us
God completes me, you compliment me,perfectly

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