Mixed signals #30layers30days


Mixed signals creating chaos and confusion. Up the down, still but all around. I’d rather there be nothing than questions. Longingly watch me walk arm way after you’ve pushed me to the point of no return.
You hold your arms out and tell me you’ve missed me, when it was you that escorted me away. Running days followed sunny and blue skies. There is a time when I proclaim my end. Mad cuz I know your coming but instantly smiling when I see your face. Wanting to pull you close but I’m too busy letting my frustration show. Laughing until I cry. Kissing the face I want to snack. This is who’s it was supposed to be. I did not sign up for this. This isn’t love. This isn’t me. So I do away and again. Mixed signal all the way.

Image via freedigitalphotos.com “Confusing Traffic Lights At A Busy Intersection” by Stuart Miles

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