God’s girl


Sometimes I forget, exactly who I belong to. Sometimes I forget the numerous times that you’ve protected me when I refused to do what’s best for me. There are times when I let the worries the doubt and frustration get the best of me. And instead of plugging into you, I try to handle it all myself.
I imagine that I’ve done by share, I know I’ve broken your heart, and even when I break yours, you never give up on me.
There has been countless times when I acted as if I belonged to world. I didn’t acknowledge you, neglected your word, walked away from your peace and ignored your voice. I searched for love in places you would never exist, I tired to form identify when you had one for me all along. You let me carry on in ignorance and foolishness. When I cursed cried and wanted you to leave me be, you never left me. I wanted to be alone but more than ever I felt your presence, I felt your peace I felt your love. You never forced it upon me, you never made me choice. But when the world had broken my heart enough, you met me where I was, dried my tears, comforted my heart and walked with me on this journey of purpose, self discovery and submission.
It was never because of who I am or anything I’ve done. But all because of who you are. You are unconditional love and complete faithfulness. You are God and I am your babygirl.

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