Appearance vs Actuality

We all heard it before…God doesn’t give you what you want but you get exactly what you need and it’s true…but I will be honest enough to admit that it does suck sometimes!We all have an idea of what we want, and usually how and when and what we want it to look like. But could it be that the ideas we apply to it,are the limitations that stop us from getting it? I’m just saying I’m not sure we realized the limitations we put on intangible items that truly our hearts desires. Yes you always wanted that mother/ child love. It just happens that the love you desire and seek from your parents, your parents aren’t able to give you. But what about the auntie, who lives 2000 miles away, but you know she has your back, or your older friend,that is always willing to give your warmest loving hug you can desire. You always wanted a Cadillac….sure you thought it would be the latest version….but your LIFESTYLE AFFORDS you one that is a few years older, just as nice (after some cleaning)You always wanted to marry that tall dark and handsome man… But the financially well off Asian man who treats you good,ask for your hand in marriage…The examples could go on forever. But you get my driftHow about those of us that get exactly what we want….but it’s a more difficult that you imagined. Trust God…he’s got you

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