Are you to blame?


Look around and take an inventory of your life
The people you confide in, the ones you trust
I believe that we often know exactly who we are dealing with
We know that this person is very capable for backstabbing us and cutting us deep
I believe we know this not because betrayal is a risk that comes with trusting someone
a lot of us keep ourselves close to people who have shown us their true colors.
We all have been hurt by someone we trusted. A lot of the times we ignore that pain we ignore the signs and the forewarnings becuase it is a lot easier to ignore than to confront. So we overlooked the facts. We see it but we choose not to believe it. What we fail to realize is the longer we choose to ignore the reality the deeper it hurt and more dysfunctional it becomes. We want to believe that this person will never hurt us, we want to believe that what happened was out of the norm. And even if it’s been done several times before, we hang on. We don’t like the reality of it and we don’t want to believe it is happening again, Especially since they promised to never do it again, Especially since they were doing so good at making progress.
We dont want to believe that our loved ones are will harm us, so we keep ourselves in harms ways. Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable approaching someone about a possible betrayal, which is understandable. it may take us a moment to admit that we are hurting. Acceptance is often the hardest part. More times than most, when someone offends you they are often aware,people aren’t as oblivious as they want you to believe.

Build those boundaries
Began to take steps to keep yourself safe. Began to put yourself first and do whats best for you. No one will ever give you what you refuse to give yourself. Stop answering their calls, keep yourself from their company. Sometimes when we cut the physical aspects off, everything else will soon follow. It’s really hard for me too

And sometimes the person is in close quarters, so if you cant cut them off physically, cut them off emotionally and mentally. Can you discuss the work assignment without getting so personal. You can arrange pick up and drip off times, without giving the latest update of your own personal life.

No one is perfect and we all are a constant work in progress. But take greater precautions to protect yourself. Your dignity, should not be at the mercy of another person. No one should have that control over your life.

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