If you ask, I’ll say yes


Maybe it was something I could have done different.
I laughed and joked with you…
Maybe I didn’t smile enough or make myself as noticeable as I hoped. But it doesn’t matter now. The moment we shared together is over, I’ve returned to my world, you to yours.
But I wish, I really wanted you to speak up, ask me for my number, in hopes that we could talk, have dinner spend some time together, you know… get to know each other better.
You could be taken, you could not be interested or we could fit inside each other’s life..we could be what each other needs.
If I was who I’ve been, I would have made my desire clear without the thought of you declining.
But that’s neither here nor there.
I keep wondering if you were interested. If you thought of me, like I do you.
I’ll hold into the hope of seeing you again and just maybe things will work themselves out.

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