Never thought I’d be so happy to see you. But the anticipation rose in my body as you walked towards me, answered every question that I could ever ask about this moment. I knew you had thought about me too I was reassured that I was not alone in the interest that I held.
Nervous conversation.
As you walked away, I smile, and for the first time in a long time I wonder what would I do, how would I do this, when and what but more than anything I just wanted to get it right.
It felt nice and I’m thankful for this even if nothing ever comes of this moment and this is the last time we ever lay eyes on each other, I’m thankful for what you’ve ushered about.
But my wish is for more. I hope we can get to know each other better spend time together, listen to your hopes, learn about your past, get acquainted with your your desires and plans.
But right now I’ll enjoy this point exactly what it is and follow your lead.

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