First let me say that this post was going to be my first official video blog. But for some reason, I cant upload the video, maybe it was because I prayed at the end of the video, but that’s fine, I pray without ceasing….

The events that took place at the Boston Marathon on  April 15, 2013 was surreal. It was a reminder that life is short and that we take too much for granted. It is also a remainder that there is a lot of people with a heart full of hate.

Saturday, April 13, I participated in the 2013 Atlanta MS WALK. One of my hostess sister suffers from MS and were there to walk in support of her. During the event, I saw people a lot younger than me, some older. some that look like me and some who did not, but they all suffered from MS. And it was heartbreaking, to see the effects of this disease and how it breaks people down completely. It was a great example of how blessed I really am. No matter what is going on and how life can way down on us, things could truly be worse.
So when I heard about the bombing in Boston, it struck me being that I was just at an event very similar to the marathon.
As the MS Walk there was several people, volunteers, young children and even those with MS, that greeted and cheered us on as we crossed the finish line. From what we know as of today, the bombs in Boston exploded at the finish line.
I don’t know anyone who lives in Boston, or anyone that traveled there to compete in the Marathon. I am a HUGE BOSTON CELETICS fan. And the organization, cancelled Tuesday nights game, in honor of the events of April 15.
I began to think about the people who competed in this marathon and those that were injured. I watched some footage, and I saw people with explosive injuries. Body parts blown away, blood was everywhere. As of right now, the fatality rate is below five, and that enough. Children died.
But these people, most have trained and anticipated this event for weeks, months and even years. And when they woke up Monday morning, they prepared themselves to run that race, like we run this race of life. And just like that, their lives were changed forever. As quick as their day started, their life will never be the same.
I think of those who were affected directly, and their loved ones. I can imagine there biggest question is WHY. I can imagine that the pain and discouragement has entered into their hearts. I can imagine that bitterness, anger and frustration will soon follow. I pray that there hearts are comforted and God grants them peace that surpasses understanding.
I pray for the healthcare workers, and the helplessness they feel, I pray that compassion and love strengthens them.
I pray for this nation, I pray for our President. I pray continuously.
And more than all, I pray for those responsible for this act. I don’t want to imagine the hate that resides within their heart. I pray that the hurt and pain breaks and love reigns. I pray that God comes into their lives and that they allow LOVE to heal them. I pray that the persons responsible are held accountable for their actions.
May God bless us all



image via the guardian

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