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Just you *video*

Tamia….I love her. I’ve followed her career for years now and this is one of my favorite relationship songs. There are people who will give you everything, the money, the dinners, the gifts. But what most women just want you, … Continue reading

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In these moments

Every once in a while, I let myself indulge in thoughts of you. I let my mind dabble with the idea of what if…or when. It feels good and always seems to lighten my mood.

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My offense

But every now and again,
my heart aches over my actions
I would do anything to change it
You looked me in my eyes, and declared you would never hate me
But affirmed that you were pissed
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What would you do for love

What would you do for love…seriously think about it. What have you done to feel the embrace of acceptance and validation from someone else. People scarifice for love everyday. The woman in prison, sacrificed her freedom for love. He just … Continue reading

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Mixed signals #30layers30days

Mixed signals creating chaos and confusion. Up the down, still but all around. I’d rather there be nothing than questions. Longingly watch me walk arm way after you’ve pushed me to the point of no return.

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