Check your position


Look around…take an HONEST assessment of your life. You like what you see….you know you can change that, right? 


Yeah I know you made that decision and hoped for the best, welcome to the club! We all have done things that we arent confident in. A lot of the time we make those decisions because it seemed like the right thing to do..or we were pressured into it. One of the biggest lessons Im learning in this life is to stay true to yourself. No one…and I mean NO ONE is gonna have to deal with effects of your decision making. And  if you can’t deal with yourself because of what you have done…then who is living your life.


I don’t believe for one second that God placed us here to live a life that we are unhappy in. I dont believe that God wants us to be untrue to ourselves. That nagging voice inside you, that feeling of uneasiness we get- don’t you think that is there for a reason? 


I know a lot of times we don’t follow through on a change because if we do, it will change the dynamics of our lives completely. It will change relationships, it will change the lives of our children, it may just uproot our security blanket. 


But for those of us that are parents, think about what you are teaching your children, by remaining in a place that you know you shouldnt be. And don’t even try it…you are not doing your kids any favors by staying there. 


No matter how hard we hope and pray for the best, you have to be realistic. You have to be honest with yourself. If you’ve been on that job for five years and your still can’t get the promotion or recognition you deserve…how is that gonna change if you stay there another two years.  If its been five years and that relationships STILL aint working it, even after counseling and time apart…you really think marriage is gonna change it? Change it for the best. 


And just how life works, if you get a chance to change it and YOU DON’T…the opportunity will come around agin. But in the mean time, there will be a lot of suffering,heartache and a whole lot of shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. 


I’ve dealt with something very similar to this. It was a year and a half later before it presented itself again, and for a whole week that feeling was coming at me. But understand, you can’t ask God for help and not play your cards, right. And just a week later, I released everything about it. And I hadn’t looked back since. 


Look around you, note your position, and if you like it, play your position well.  But if your current position isn’t true to you…then change it. 


Yep it will be hard and things may get rough…but how rough will it be in the future, if you are still there unhappy and with more responsibility. 


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3d Gold And Silver Chessmans On Round Chessboard” by Boians Cho Joo Young
Young Friends With Folded Hands” by  imagerymajestic
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