Close chapters

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You’ve heard it: ‘people are in your life for a reason,season or lifetime’
The older I get, the better I am at understanding that. some people aren’t meant to be in our lives forever. Sometimes people just grow apart.
And that is really no ones fault. It’s life.
But what about those relationships we have to end?
What about those relationships that have served their purpose.
It can be difficult to end relationships. We cry, we mourn but we move the hell on becuase life won’t allow us otherwise.
The injustice of it, is when we allow others to come back into our lives, when we know they shouldn’t be. I’ve learned the hard way, to keep those chapters closed. There is nothing new ato read. It takes a lot for a person to change but most of the time, a person is who they are. If a person hurt you once, there is a great chance they will do it again. People can and do change, but it takes time,
And if you decide to let a person back in your life, give it time. Don’t pickup where you left off! Dont go by their word. Watch their actions. It will all come out eventually. Give yourself time to make a healthy assessment.
Protect yourself

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