We all have those days when life just seems a mess. You can’t seems to get anything completed without some kind of distraction. Your to do list is getting longer by the hour and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get on top of things. And I bet if you think about it…your surrounding were a mess as well….wasn’t your car dirty. Or your office was an ‘organized mess’ how much laundry was piled up, how old are those leftovers?

It’s been said that a cluttered environment belongs to a cluttered mind. I’ve also heard that those who have cluttered environment are less likely to make a firm decisions. Emotional turmoil is often the reason behind clutter. Ever watch ‘hoarders’? ever notice that all the participants are suffering from some type of traumatic event.  Those of us that tend to hold on to memories, tend to hold on to things as well. Clutter can represent some form of protection, to a ill minded person. One day it’s just a cluttered desk, in a year, no one can enter the room.
Things we do say so much about us. 


Clean your clutter, clear your mind. You’ll be happier living in the new beginning. 


Image via A Waste Paper Bin” by Mister GC


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