Constant Drip


I was laying in my bed. Half way asleep when I finally gave in. I have heard it for a while but i knew if I didn’t cure it. It was gonna be a long night. I got up and I turned off the faucet. It wasn’t running but it was dripping.
As I laid back down, a verse from proverbs came to me:
A foolish son is his father’s ruin, and a quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping. (Proverbs 19:13 NIV84).
Now the version I am familiar with said it was a nagging, not quarrelsome. Yet I believe both serve the appropriate purpose. I hadn’t believe that I was one to nag but now that I think back, I sure.
I would often ‘remind’ folks of promises made, words spoken and I know my tone wasn’t always friendly. Sure it MAY HAVE gotten the job done, but it probably made someone mad at me in the process. But I’m sure my self righteous self didn’t care about that, as long as the mission was completed. People are going to do whatever it is that they are gonna do. No matter how much we worry, no matter howuch we nag- it never really changes the situation.
I have nagged God- prayed the same prayer, always wanting to talk about, always wanting to think about-continuously. And I believe that things will change, God will answer that prayer in his own time. My tears never made God move any faster. And ultimately our nagging- has the same effect.
I know a lot of folks believe on Pray Until Something Happens. And I believe that we must say faithful with our request to God. But God is teaching me a valuable lesson-‘REST! Be still and know that I am God! ‘ I believe that we should make out request to God, believe him for it and prepare to receive it. Do all you can do, and let go. I know it gets rough and we wonder where is God. But doesn’t God have a faithful history with you. Hasn’t God shown you that- he will always take care of you and show up right on time. And as far as nagging people, do what you would want God for you… Give grace and mercy

Image: dripping Garden Faucet Tap Close Up by Mister GC via

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