Could have been

Mirror reflection

With all this ratchet mess on tv…I know I’m not the only one that has watched these shows and all I could do was shake my head. We see women fighting with or over men who mean them absolutely no good. And even in our daily lives, we know folks that have made or continuously make bad decisions. Either we choose the wrong mate and now were miserable. Or we decided to do what someone one wanted of us, and it didn’t work out too well- now Im MAD!!!
But here’s the thing: They are actually no different from us…it’s just that the results of their decision is open and out front. Most of us, prefer to keep our bad decisions in a closet.
I’m honest enough to say that I could have been the single mother, hell, I still could be the single mother. I am so far from perfect and I struggle just like you do…and just like her.
I could be that woman living with the shameful disease.
You could be that person with the vice that is ruining your families lives.
All it takes is for one wish to be granted ONE TIME…for God to say yes to the emotional ridiculous prayer ONE TIME. One time is all it takes.
So next time before we shake out heads at someone dealing with the consequences of their actions…realize it could have been you too!

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