Dance with Yesterday *music*

Joi is one of my faves. She influences me because she is the ultimate example of being unapologetically herself. Everytime I see her perform, I walk away inspired. Inspired not just because of her music, but her confidence and stage presence leaves a mark on me. I her song ‘Dance with yesterday’ she sings of love that has come to an end. It is believed she wrote hit his about ex husband, Gipp, of Goodie Mob. Either way, this is awesomeness.

He said I was Delightful and funny
little bit peculiar But sweet as honey
Something like a pimp But no not really
I’m so sophisticated and silly
He said I was his greatest inspiration
The wind beneath his wingsHis liberation
He said he nevermet nobody like me
That made him wanna
Settle down and start a family

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