Desire *rant*





You ever have the strongest desire for something you can’t have? Or a desire for something that seems so far away. Doesn’t that piss you off???It’s like why is the desire sooo strong. Why can’t I stop thinking about it? Especially if the thing you desire is a natural one. You can always lie to yourself. You can always ignore it. It eventually anything not acknowledge begins to eat away at you. So what do you do? The God inside of me says to trust. Trust that God knows and understands. That everything happens exactly when and if its supposed to, not a second sooner. And if it does happen sooner than it should, it’ll be a mess.But the human part of me…wants to know why and then I want to put the desire away. I want to close it in a box and lock it away. Why be sooo strong, when you are so far away



image via “Wants Desire Represents Yearning Needs And Motive” by Stuart Miles

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