You don’t have the option


Far to many times in life, we let the opinions and judgments of others weigh heavily upon us. We’ve all let someone and their own disappointment take presides over our own joy.
I remember when I purchased my first home. I was ecstatic. I was a single 29 year old and I made the biggest investment of my future to date. I called and told those closest to me. As expected, a great deal of my loved ones were excited for me. Some were very nonchalant but I was surprised when a few scolded me.
‘I mean you ain’t even married, why do you need a house’
‘You dont even have kids…
‘oh you bought a house…do you have a man’?

I can’t tell you how that dwindled my spirit. I can’t explain how that changed my own attitude about my success.
I would eventually learn that everyone, even those who love you, will not always be happy for you. They maybe harboring their own resentments, afraid of their own dreams, or upset about their own shortcomings. Whatever their issue is, that doesn’t make them a bad person. But it did make me sad. I had to learn that everything isn’t for everybody to know.
Imagine if I didn’t purchase my home, because I was single or because hadn’t had my baby, yet. What if I didn’t take that job because someone else had a bad opinion of the company? What if I let others keep me from my answered prayers.

Follow your own voice. You have to live this life, for yourself, make sure its one you like. So next time when someone tries to force their wants upon you…tell them they dont have the option to make decisions for you.

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