Eight (Rest in Peace Tyrell)

gracie 137

It’s been eight years and the pain is still the same.

For as long as I can remember, you were right by my side

We shared secrets, we laughed, we learned, we grew

You were my partner in crime, my ace boom

Baths, beds, food and games

most of my childhood memories involve you

You were my twin if I ever had one

my cousin but really my brother

I moved away and our lives took different paths

I would do my best to remind you that you were loved

I would do all I could to show you that you still meant the world

But life takes turns and does things we will never understand

The last time we were together, it seems to surreal

But the news broke my heart I needed it to be a dream

Surrounded by our family, I had to say my goodbye

Hearing the pain inside your moms voice as she screamed your name

They rolled you away and there ended the nightmare

Your children remind us that God truly loves

Eight years since we lost you and it still sucks

But I know that you are near, I feel you inside my heart

Rest in peace, Tyrell




image via freedigitalephotos.com “I Miss You” by Michelle Meiklejohn

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