Empty Me *music*

James Fortune & FIYA recorded ‘Live Through it’ at Word of Faith Family Cathedral in Austell, Georgia. I am a member at WOF & I was serving the night of this concert. It was a night to remember and I consider myself fortunate to be apart of the experience.
The song ‘Empty Me’ made an impact on me. I strive everyday to less of me and more of who God destined me to be. It’s not easy and I fail more than I succeed. Even now, I began to question more of religion, I still desire God daily. The chorus is every simple yet unforgettable.

‘Empty Me, Lord
Take out everything, not like yo

Everything in my life, not pleasing you
Please take it away, so I can be all your
All Yours’


image: via freedigitalphotos.net Open Orange Notebook” by Witthaya Phonsawat

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  1. Felecia Love says:

    Great I loved it

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