Finding my truth


Nearly everything I once believed, I now question
I found myself in a place wondering where I went left
Was it this relationship, job or an action
Whatever it is, whatever happened, I’d take it all back to get my life
I pray, I ask God for guidance and direction
Where do I end, where exactly does God began
I gave God so much power that I left myself without any
I took the passive role, believing he would lead me where I was to go
Not knowing I was indirectly dying, believing God would send an event to save me
I gave away my stuff, all of it, in hopes better would take its place
But i had nothing left to give myself
I am depleted
And I pray I am headed back towards myself
For a chance to regain my power,
A road leading to a better me
An opportunity to do it again but win
Lessons learned and the experience to write all about it
I was trying to find my way and I found lessons
Im refined I’m better than who I was
I am ME

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