I woke up this morning thinking about those that have recently passed on. And I wondered ‘what are they doing right now’

Then I begin to think- there are things their spirit/ being will no longer have to think about. No more wondering if their pants fit right- if that bad eating resulted in a few extra pounds- no more worrying about bills- relationships. No more worrying about the things we stress or ponder on a daily basis. I’m lucky to still have these thoughts- I could be gone too. I’m blessed….

Then this evening, in a effort to get away from investigation shows( law of attraction is real!! We will discuss later). But I was watching a show on a health channel about a man and little girl. Both were victims of a rare condition- he was 40, but had the body of a ten years old- she was 6, but her parents tended to her as if she was an infant. Both were blind and couldnt or wouldn’t talk. The great thing is that both was surrounded by living families. But watching this show- I cried. 

My morning thoughts came back to me and I begin to realize exactly how fragile life is. And ultimately we have no control. Sure we plan and desire but unless its of Gods design… It won’t happen. We are not in control! When we wake up, we have no idea whether or not this day will be our last. We don’t know if that days events will change our lives forever. When those parents conceived and birthed their children, I’m more than positive a healthy baby was their only expectation. 




It doesn’t take much for it all to change. 

Everyday we make mistakes, we smile, we laugh, we make contact- go move forward. Never knowing exactly what is next. I could tell you to live life to the fullest and take advantage of everyday… But truth be told- you already know that. And sure you know that life is fragile and should be handled with care. But I just want to remind you, exactly what’s going on around you. I want to remind you that nothing is promised and no matter how shitty your day has been- its still a day that belongs to healthy, abled body, alive you. 

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