You’ve got something inside of you. Something inside of you that will absolutely change your life. It’s a gift from God, simply. It’s what makes you different, it’s what makes you, you. But some many of us are afraid to tap into it. We are afraid that of the changes it will bring about it. We are terrified. So we continue to live a safe. A life that causes us overlook the desires in our hearts. A life we grow to hate.

I’ve come to realize that a lot of us have big dreams and desires. And the majority of us lack the confidence to completely follow them. Don’t you believe those thought keep you up at night for a reason. We allow our own self possessed fear to keep out gift under wraps. God didnt give it to you, for you to keep to yourself. God gave each of us a gift, a gift that only you can do in your special way. It keeps you awake, it calls out to you often. We sit and daydream about it. We have even researched it. But we continue to hide it. We tell ourselves lies about a future with it. We let others who have deferred their own dreams, keep us from ours.

But what we don’t realize is that the gift is already in effect. The gift is already making an appearance, but we only allow it to be a short ride passenger, instead of giving it the front seat it deserves. I think of it as a slap to Gods face. He gave you something so magnificent, something for you to share with millions. But instead of being faithful, we let out fear led the way.its scary, it’s Wild and compelptely out of this world. But it is exactly why you were out here. It belongs to you. Step into your gift, flourish in your lane. It was created exactly for you.

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