Give away my shoes?!?!?


I am an avid shoe lover, but I believe most women have a certain apperication for shoes. Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I browse shoes websites, constantly. Sometimes I’m looking to buy, other moments I just go to look, and happen to purchase a pair. I have happened upon free shoes and have been gifted a few pair.
So you can imagine, that overtime I’ve acquired a good variety of shoes. Recently the opportunity arose for me to get another pair of shoes…and I was all for it. But something inside of me, wouldn’t let me. I knew that I already had my fair share of shoes. I had told myself days before that I needed to go through and clean my shoe closet out and donate those that i hadn’t worn in a while…but honestly, I was not excited about that.
But I did. I went through my shoes, trying some on, walking In others, revisiting memories with others. I notice that I had a few pair that were similar, I had some that we’re a little tight on my wide feet (family trait), some I hadn’t worn in a while…but every single pair I adored. Before I knew it, I had a valid reason why I should keep every single pair of shoes in my closet.

Yet I have a greater reason why I should not.

At the time, I was volunteering at a clothing closet for low income families. Every week I speak with several different people who come and find clothes and shoes for themselves and their family. Many times the families don’t have much money, most are underpaid or out off work. Most are just having a hard time. I noticed that the items they receive puts a smile on their face. Sometimes it’s a pair of pants to complete a school uniform, sheets for their bed, a much needed jacket to keep them warm…and sometimes it’s a perfect pair of shoes that makes a women’s eyes light up.
So as I was bargaining with myself about why I should keep all these shoes to myself. I thought about how a pair of shoes from my home, could place a smile on someones face…and I am not trying to stop anybody from smiling. A pair of shoes someone may NEED, to brighten their day and give them something to look forward to. So, I bagged up several pairs of shoes, and within a weeks time, I saw every pair go home to a new owner.
Yes I was discouraged at first but eventually it made me feel good. And, in time every single pair that I gave away, from my closet was replaced.

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  1. Felecia Love says:

    Cute! I’ve done the same. I donated all the clothes that I made and hadn’t worn in a while. Now replacing with new items.

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