God told me to tell you

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Everything that you want, all the good things you desire. I already have for you

My child don’t you know input those desires inside inside you

I have a life that is great than you imagine, but you will never receive it, fighting me

I love you soo much, I love you more than you love yourself, even when didnt love me. I have loved you when you didn’t love yourself,

Dont you know that everything that has happened to you I have ordained

I have never said it would be easy I never said you would never cry and But I always said i would never leave you

I have protected you more times than you will ever know. Those keys come up missing,the office was closed, the kids were out of order,the traffic light delays your commute for an exact reason

You know that I am with you, you feel me, you hear me,so acknowledge me

Read your word and stop fighting battles I never designed you for

Rest in my word, and trust me as if I’ve never showed up late, because i haven’t

You ask for my help but when I give it, you fight me

I gave you more signs than I should. But you ignored them all

I had to end that relationship

I did intercept and put an end to situation

I know what your future holds, you only know your emotions

I had to allow you to live outside your comfort zone, one day soon you will understand

But for now, rest in me. Think of all the things we’ve been through

Think if all the times I’ve showed up right when you were ready to discount me

My perfect track record speaks for itself

And your imperfect self is still the love of my life.

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