God will. Will you?


I have had a conversation with a woman who is believes that God has a husband for her. She was very adamant and there was no convincing her otherwise.
But she was already married to someone else. How can you expect God to bless you with something you already have.
She is not alone, many of us are believing we will receive things that will serve no purpose. Why are we asking God for things that we can’t use? Instead of focusing on the desired end result, how about asking God to help us learn the lesson for the current stage of our life. How about asking God to order our steps so we can be affirmed that we are going down the correct path.
God is gonna meet you but you need to make sure all of your work is done first. You can ask God for help, but he’s not about to do your job.
Stop asking God to do your own work. Stop thinking that just becuase you asked for it,It will just show up at your door step, without any effort of your own. The world doesn’t work like that, so why do we think God does.

Image: Young Caucasian Woman Praying” by David Castillo Dominici via freedigitalphotos.net

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