God’s blessings are outside of your comfort zone

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Something is about to happen. I am currently living in a state of expectancy. We all should be. If we trust and believe God to be exactly who he is, we should all be in a constant state of expectancy. I believe God for his best in my life. And I can honestly say, that I am not living in Gods best. I know I am work in progress, and so is my life. I know that there is much more inside of me, than what I am doing today. I hope you feel the same way too. I pray that you believe that God has so much more for you than your struggles of today.
When you truly experience the love of God. You realize that his love is good and perfect.  How can you believe God for his best, but will cosign your messy relationships? God shows us how to fully love ourselves. And once you experience that love, you will understand there is healing for your hurts. God isn’t gonna keep you in dysfunction and pain….he loves you too much for that.
God also is not in the business of forcing, you have free will. We have the choice to accept it, or linger in our own personal limbo.
But are you putting limits on God? I am guilty of this myself. I’ve believe that there were things that  God would  or would not do for me. I would hear about other people being blessed in ways that blew my mind. I somehow believed that God reserved huge blessings for certain people, definitely not me and mine. I know realize that God is soo much bigger than anything I face. I don’t believe God is capable of healing my body but will not get me out of a check to check lifestyle. Isn’t it silly to believe that God will bless me with education and experience in my field of purpose, but wont allow me to experience a healthy relationship that will lead to marriage.
Yes things will be uncomfortable. But no one has ever grown inside their comfort level.
We put limits on God. We often tell ourselves in our minds what will not happen. Change in your life will never come until you change your mind.

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