You are there


You are my friend, I admire you
Your wisdom and words I seek
Some may consider you a direct reflection of me
We share a lot if the same characteristics, opinions and such
But you view is often different than my own,
And I appreciate that
Im happy to know that I can call out to you
And you are there
If I need to vent my frustrations, pour my heart out
Whatever the case may be
It’s good to know this person I call friend is there
A friend for this, won’t always be the one I can call for that
But it doesn’t matter, as long as they all got my back
My circle is tight, close and one of a kind
Created just for me

Their problems affect me as my own
We laugh, we cry, we sometimes sit quietly and reflect
But you have something I need
You help keep me on my toes, helping me reach my goals
It’s not perfect but we can hash it out
Your an angel from God
You are my family and I know you got me
Respect not deception or betrayal
Ideas and secrets we share
Good to know when I fall you will be there
No judgement, just love and understanding
You are my shoulder to cry on, my ace
You are someone I appreciate

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