Today is February 28, 2013… February 28, was Gracie’s birthday. She was one of the greatest friends you could ever ask for.
Today I am being released from the hospital and I can’t help but think about the significance of this all. I’ve been here for nearly a week, and this is one of the REALEST reality checks one could ever get. Like so many of us, who regain health and freedom, I have a whole new outlook on life.
But Gracie is on my mind. I could go on listing the great qualities about my Grace. And trust me, the list would last a while. But there are few things they standout to me in this moment.
Gracie was so silly. That was one of of my favorite traits about her, because she wasn’t afraid to laugh. She forever joked, danced and rejoiced. Sometimes for no notable reason at all. She choose to see the joy in life. She made that decision to see the things worth laughing at.
Gracie loved her family…LOVED HER FAMILY. She was the oldest of four and to be honest…she loved hard period. As a friend, I was lucky enough to experience the love she had for those dear to her heart. Her love was strong, her love was a blessing to have. But even with all of that, Gracie never let her love for others, override her love for herself. She lived her life and sought out her own happiness. Gracie followed her heart, she followed happiness. Looking back, that is so commendable to me, because so often sacrifice our happiness and joy for that of others. She was far from selfish. But she was also far from unhappy.
She lived her life…and today on her 31 birthday that stands out to me. I’ve laid here it this bed, it’s become very clear to me, that i have let the lives of others overshadow my own. I was too busy trying to help others that I wasn’t helping myself. And today, I vow to start living more like my Gracie. I am going to follow my happiness, I am going to bask in the laughs. I am going to love myself enough to release you.
It is my prayer that I sufficiently honor Gracie. I miss her more than I can put into I look back over the time I’ve known her, this stands out. I am so happy to have known her. I am grateful for our time together.

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