Her vs Me

She crosses my mind and I shake my head with a smirk. I am so glad that I am not her. I look in her eyes, and I noticed the fear, low self-esteem, the doubt and the pain. I am what she strives to be. I am what she dreams to be.
I know her weakness, and what it takes for her to succumb.
I’ve walked in her shoes and I couldn’t wait to take them off.
I know the lies she tells herself, I know the pain inside her heart. But unlike her, I am able to push through it. I am stronger than her. I will beat her in any race we run.
I am on a mission to win against her.
I am thankful for her, I am who I am , because she is who I was.
She has won the race before, but not anymore.
I will train harder than her. I will push harder in the places she gave up.
I will train harder, I will eat better, I will beat her.
I know her pain and what it takes for her to give up.
I know her all too well. I will keep going, long after she has quit.
She is the old me. She is the me of yesteryear, the me of yesterday.
I am thankful for her, I love her more than she loved herself.
I realize I wouldn’t be me, without her.
But I know her time has passed, she must go.
Everyday I work harder to be better than the me was

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