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in 2010,Holland Reyonolds was a cross country runne for University High School in San Francisco.
Cross country is a long distance race and Holland was one of the fastest runners on the team, in fact, she was the captain. I have read that a week  before the California race, Holland caught the flu. With it being so close to championship, she said she took the necessary steps ensure she would run this race. Her coach, Jim Tracy, was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Greigics disease, and this would be his final year coaching.
It was the day of the race, and Holland was healthy enough to run…so it began. She ran the race, and she stated about midway her breathing changed. But she kept going, and then she began to feel pain. Holland was dehydrated, she was no longer running, she was bent over,weaving and staggering…but she kept going. She was two yards from the finish line, when she collapsed. An race official came to her side, he said he was unable to touch her, but if she wanted to finished, he would Help her. Holland said she determined, and for twenty seconds, she crawled the two miles to complete the race. It was the eighth championship for  her school.

I am not sure what you get from this story, but for me, I see two life lessons.

The first I have discussed <a href=”http://msjanay.com/lessons-from-holland-part-1/“> here </a>.
But the second is one that is near and dear to my own heart. This reminds me of my of my journey with God.

Like many of us, I grew up in the church and God has always been a forever a staple in my life.  But sometime we get away from God. Sometimes we choose to carry our own burdens. Like Holland at the beginning of her race, we feel strong and determined to finish the race. But what I have learned is that whenever God is not a part of something, it will never be in our favor. Seven days without prayer, will definately make you weak.
But as we continue on, not consulting God, not making God a part of our day…the enemy finds ways and introductions and to creep up in our life. And things may till seem all well, but it will not be long before we get weak. Like Holland we stagger, we continue to fight, knowing that we are fighting a battle we were not created for. We make decisions that could possibly destroy us  we believe that we can handle. Not realizing that the enemy is gaining the upper hand, and his only objective is to kill, steal and destroy.
And then we hit our low point, BOOM!
We have reached our point of no return. We have carried a burden we were not created for.
We cry out to Jesus but usually he is already there. He holds us in his arms and comforts us.  We make reasons for our actions, but he already understand. We know that things will get better, God can only handle this burden, once we release it. He reminds us that he loves us and that his plans for us are much bigger than our wildest dreams.
God meets us at our lowest point, even when we have been disobedient, he is there. God wants all of us, our entire heart, and life Death could not defeat him…so we already have the victory through him.

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