Im so surprised, I am so happy, I’m speechless. An one week trip turned into nearly a month long celebration. I laughed more than I ever expected to, I smiled a lot and I got reacquainted with love. The love I yearned for my entire life but could never schedule a meeting. I was reminded of what it is like to experience the true selfless love of family.

What a blessing.

With so much turmoil tears and teasing I’ve endured, and a part of me feels like its finally coming to be. Wondering if no is the only word God has for you and why would God give me desires and dreams for better when rejection is what I face when I attempt to act on the purpose he put inside of me.

I was once so low and out even law of attraction seemed not to work in my favor.
But that man, the one i came across nearly six months ago, the one who I told myself i would like to get to know, I’ll become his friend and if hes lucky, his woman.
What a surprise to it was that he became the icing on this cake. This cake that is this trip..this trip back home. Back home to rediscover love, discovering the best of me…encountering more of God

Written: 7/7/14

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