I’m all about you

This is the one of the hardest yet most fulfilling relationship I’ve ever experienced. There is so many moments when I want to give up. But I can’t I imagine my life without you. I think of my life before you entered and not much really matters. I am happy you are here. I love waking up next to you and sharing my thoughts with you. You help me make sense out it all. I love how you understand me in ways I thought no one ever could. you never make me feel less than. As a matter of fact, you make me fee like I could rule the world. I appreciate how you level me out. I am glad you allow me not to be perfect but don’t wont allow me to slack off.  And when I’m being dramatic, I love how you laugh at me and help me bring it down. I love having you as my partner, I delight in sharing my journey with you.
There are plenty of days that you work my nerves. You frustrate me and I hate that I have to explain when I have so many times before. The moments when I have to smile with you, when all I want to do is not speak to you. The silent treatment is all to real sometimes. But my favorite part, is when we finally talk it out and iron out the kinks.
I choose not to focus soo much on the moments I want to through the towel in. Instead, I’ll focus on how we made a promise to God and how I’d rather be here with you, than anywhere else.
I am grateful to walk this walk with you. I wouldn’t have it no other way.
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