I’m Standing


This is rough, I’m at a low point this has never happened before
I cried out to Jesus,
Sung all the songs i can sing
I prayed like my life depends on it, becuase it does
I watched listened and attended all the church I can stand
I don’t know what’s next….I’ve done all I was taught and know to do

So I do what I know I’m not supposed to
I question…
Where are you God?
Why is this happening?
Why have you not helped me
What did I do wrong…just tell me
I’ll fix it and I promise never to do it again
Just help me God, please

Everybody has the same advice
They tell me to hold on…don’t they have something else to say
I’ve held on as long as I can, I’m tried
I just want this over, I want my life
This has been going happening for a while
I’ve given it to God
I never thought the turn around time would be soo lengthy
I can’t give up, i keep finding myself at his feet
It’s the only place I know to go
But my heart is tried. My eyes are cried out
I feel less than because I start to ponder
Maybe if i prayed more when things were good
Do I read my bible enough
Am I being used enough
The super saints tell me I’m weak
They tell me my faith is low
I just wonder why they never been here before
They say pray and trust
And I honestly don’t like them at this moment
They tell me to do what I’ve always done
Tell me you understand my struggle
Tell me you’ve been here and you made it
Tell me there is no magic formula
Encourage me, Don’t persecute me
I can’t take it, I just want this all over
Im tried of hurting
Im tried of praying
Truth is my strength is gone
I don’t know where to go
I stand, that’s all I can do…
I stand in knowing God is God and he’s in control
…..I’m trying so hard to hold onto that

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