in those moments


In the moments of my true grateful-ness. The moments when I am happy for many things all at once. In those moments, my fantasies, my thoughts, my desires, my mind thinks about being in love. My heart is bouncing with joy and there is a smile across my face. I imagine us.




A strong handsome black man, created just me.


He treats me well, so good that I realize I once thought it was unrealistic. He respects, honors and loves me with his entire heart. He listens and he does his best to understand.


He loves God and serves him first. He prayed and ask for his rib. He believed, and never doubted. He thought of me often. He lived, learned and began to be exactly who God created him to be. Life began to get a busy, he found himself immersed in his purpose. One day God faintly whispered ‘there she is’ and he looked up from himself and there I stood.





I am the best version of me, and I completely compliment him.


I cater to him. He is my king. I enjoy making our house a home and being his wife. I can’t get enough of him. I cherish the man. I do my best, to be my best, he deserves that.


I am a woman after God’s own heart and I serve him first. For a long while, I was unsure of myself, so I allowed a lot of bad men and messy situations into my life. But I never stopped believing. God’s love would not allow me fully doubt. I prayed for him, his life and his safety long before we met. When we locked eyes for the first time, my heart gasped.




We are one. We are love, and we make a lot of it.



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