Is it yours?

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Desires are a big deal. For the majority of us, when we have it set in our minds, that we want something, we do all we can to make it happen. Even when things are clearly out of our control, we focus and bring that desire to reality. Thats all great and well but what happens when you desire something or someone that you should not have?

I’m learning that when things are truly meant for you, they seem to happen effortlessly ( well…the jury is still out on this one…:-)
But we have all heard: what is meant for you, is just for you. It shouldn’t be too hard or difficult. If you dont want me, then I dont want you. Usually when you have to force something or someone in your life…it probably won’t be to your benefit. In the long run, it will more than likely do you more damage than good.
Person, job, friendship, relationship….
So there comes a time when you have to ask…is this for me?
I don’t know about you but i don’t want anything meant for someone else. I would like to have what’s mine and exactly when I’m supposed to have it. A second sooner, then it’s too early.
You got trust that happen that thing will happen when they are supposed to. I know if it’s was up to me, I would have experience plenty before its appointed time…and that basically means I would not have experienced it.
So please the next time, you are trying to make something happen…ask yourself

Is this mine?

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