It’s never enough #30layers30days


You must understand I’ve prayed more than I’ve fantasized. I’ve thought about it more than I spoke. It’s a true desire of my heart,so I hope you understand what I have is never enough. Punching the clock, answering to a boss and limited paid time off will never be enough, entrepreneurship is what I really want.
Being your girlfriend will never be enough, I am your soulmate, i desire to be your life partner. I want to be your wife.
I desire to see the world, explore continents, eat food I’m not accustomed to, meet people with different experiences than I. So, no…traveling within the states is not enough. Living check to check, waiting until I get paid and settling for that one option is not the life I want. God didn’t create me l to pay bills and die.
It is love I desire. Healthy progressive relationships with people who honestly support and care for me. I’ve had enough of dysfunctional toxic relationships that break my heart and stifle me. Broken relationships with broken people will never be enough. Let’s heal and grow, lets love!
I want to live out my fantasies, do something different. I want to LIVE MY LIFE. You must understand for me, it will never be enough.

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