Leave a light on

A woman holding a candle

I can never forget you, I cherish every memory that we share.

No matter what happened, you will forever be special to me

My heart delighted in your presence, my smile never left my face

I understand that it’s best for us not to be together

But I always have a flicker of hope

One day, the time will be right, your helpmate in me you will find

You will be a man completed in God, with your rib nested inside of me

So I will leave the light on, hoping it will guide you right to me

I have yet to lose the fire, the small flame dwindles in my heart

I understand that maybe you were meant to be a lesson, nothing more

Perhaps you were sent to show me that the relationship I desire

The one I have yet to see a real life example of, is possible

So instead if being a staple, you are simple a lesson in love

a prototype of the man created to compliment me, perfectly

Only God knows the answer to the question inside of me

And I trust this process that I don’t always understand.

But until then, I will continue to leave the light on for you

Hoping that one day, just maybe, the knock on my door will finally come

And I will open up myself to you again, and dim this light inside of me.

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