Lesson from Trayvon Martin: Acceptance


Like most of us, I have kept myself updated and tuned into the latest happenings of the George Zimmerman trial. No matter the outcome of the case, this case will have an impact for years to come. And as facts are disputed, the truth of that night lies within George and was buried with Trayvon.
But I want to talk about one substantial witness to this case. I would like to speak on Rachel Jeantel. No one can debate that Rachel is a key to this case and her testimony was pivotal. But what is disheartening, is that most within the black community, we’re most caught up in Rachel’s appearance and demeanor, rather than what she bought to this case.
As a woman who grew up in Atlanta, I’ve become accustomed to various nationalities and cultures. I understand that just because someone looks like me, doesn’t mean that our backgrounds are the same. What we all need to know is that, it’s not just your race that makes you who you are. Culture, language, environment and religion are just a small part of what makes a person,who they are. And what is more important for us to know, is that just because someone isn’t the same as you, doesn’t make them any less or you any better

This world is full of people and there is no two of us that are the same. I heard many black people make fun of how Rachel speaks. Rachel also speaks three different languages. If you only use something 25% of the time, is it going to be perfect?  I could understand l everything Rachel was saying. But I also know a fair share of Haitians. I heard of a lot of people speak on Rachel’s weight and appearance. We all know the United States is one of the countries with a high obesity rate..so she probably the same size as someone you know. And is it really necessary for me to speak about how many of us live below the poverty level?
Rachel was questioned and even drilled about the death of her friend. On that stand she had to relieve the last minutes of Trayvon’s life. Could you have done that?
I’ve read a story in which Rachel’s lawyer spoke on her friendship with Trayvon. Rachel stated that Trayvon never teased her about her weight, how she spoke or how she dressed. He accepted her for who she is. And with all that is surrounding this case, we all need to see the lesson in that. No matter what, we all want to be loved and accepted for exactly who we.

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