lessons from Holland part 1

In 2010, Holland Reynolds was a cross-country runner for San Francisco University High School.
The long distance runner, was one of the fastest on the team, in fact, she was the captain. I have read that a week leading into the California Cross Country race, Holland caught the flu. With it being so close to championship, she said she took the necessary steps ensure she would run this race and bring home the championship.
Her coach, Jim Tracy, was diagnosed with ALS, also known as  Lou Gehrig’s disease. The debilitating disease can cause lost of all muscle movement, except for eyes. 2010 would be Coach Tracey’s last year coaching, and the team wanted to send him home with a championship.
It was the day of the race, and Holland was healthy enough to run…so it began. She started on the third leg of the race, she stated about midway her breathing changed. But she kept going, and then she began to feel pain. Holland was dehydrated, she was no longer running, she was bent over at her torso, weaving and staggering…but she kept going.  She was determined. She was two yards from the finish line, when she collapsed. An race official came to her side, he said he was unable to touch her, but if she wanted to finished, he would Help her. Holland said she determined, and for twenty seconds, she crawled the two yard to complete the race. Once she crossed the finish line, she was whisked away to nearby ambulance unit. Soon her teammates would be by her side to celebrate the victory, it was the eighth championship for her school.’We all fall while on the road to our success. And more times than most, wwhen we give up when we are in arms reach of the finish line. Like Holland, we start the race full of confidence, vigor, ambition and the hunger. But as we continue this race, we get discouraged, we hear NO more times that we thought we ever would. Those closest to us, discourages us. Sometimes it’s there own self installed fear, maybe it’s their failures, or their self hate. But if we allow it, we can makes someones issues, our own, and discourage us.Maybe it’s taking us a longer than we thought, doubt begins to fill our minds. We feed the negativity’ ‘maybe this is a pipe dream’ ‘if it was meant to be, it wouldn’t be this hard’….not realizing that every single thing that comes to us easy, often leaves that way and it is never worth a fight.And before we know we find ourselves beat bruised battered, dreams are being shattered. You are bent over at your torso, much like Holland. Everything that was inside of you is slowing leaving, you are dehydrated from the dreams. You have a million reasons to give up, and just a few to keep going. Your hurting more than you ever thought you would, but something inside you won’t let you give up. So you attend this last expo, you write this last email, send out the millionth proposal. You are slowly giving up, your tears saturate that pillow, your heart is aching more than ever.And when you least expect it, when you have nearly forgotten aboutall  it, that phone call comes, the email arrives. Someone or something finally clicks….the door that you prayed so hard for, is finally opened. You dream, your passion, your baby, your purpose, your heart takes off and becomes bigger than you ever thought it would be. People recognize you, people know your name, your story is encouraging others. You have finished the race.

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