Let God fix it

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We all have our issues, and we have our outlets for dealing with them. What I know is when the going gets tough, we usually revert back to behaviors and actions we have sworn off. Especially for Christians this a battle many of us overcome yet still battle with daily on our walks. Sin is what is used against us and sometimes we succumb.

You feel lonely or began to wonder where your mate is, so we turn to pornography, masturbation and fornication.

We began to have trouble in our relationships, we seek unhealthy outlets, that can led to affairs.

We get overwhelmed in work or school, and we turn to drugs or excessive drinking.

We feel as if we have lost control, so we annulate our temples

Whatever it is, know that you are not alone. Whether we admit it or not, we all face those issues. Its what we do about it that matters. Whether we seek ourselves, or someone else, often in those moments we feel alone and as of God doesn’t care. And that exactly what there the enemy prefers for us.

Eventually the outside answers will leave you unfulfilled, instead of patching your sin….the ways of the world answer will increase it. Eventually, it will not satisfy any longer.

Seek the presence that is always near. Call out to God. Pour your heart out and release yourself from the responsibility of fixing yourself. God is waiting. He is ready to help. Flesh you will tell you that you can fix it yourself, but has that worked yet?
Read Gods word and let him handle it. I know it’s not easy, but I guarantee you will be blessed because of it. So release it, truly let it go…and let God have his way.

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