Don’t let life win


Have you ever came across people that made you reevaluate your life?
That’s a good thing
When I was growing up I knew a person who was so strong. Demanded respect, fought for their beliefs and was fearless. This person was who everyone strived to be like, but that has changed. Life has beat them down, situations have gotten the best of them, they never healed, love has been lost….and they no longer have the will to fight.

Life can and will beat you down, and dare you to get up.
But being conquered is always your choice.

We have all had times in our lives, in which, we have lost the will to fight. It can stem from medical issues, death of a loved one, money troubles, broken relationships, a could be all of these, at one time.

I’m not saying its easy to get up,it will be difficult to do. But giving up and letting life have it’s way with you is no way to live. You owe it to yourself, to try again. God didn’t give you the battles to trample you, they were to refine you. Realize that there is soo much life left to live and it’s not in your house, in the bed with the covers over you head. It’s in the you, in the people you love, the actions you enjoy, it’s in the God you serve.
You learned those lessons for a reason. Find your way back to you.

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