Love in action


Is this normal? This desire that I am wrestling it okay for me to feel this way? maybe this is natural way…in my entire life, I am in the best place I’ve been ever.i am able to stand firm, I feel that God is with me, I know that I am on my path to greatness. I know that everything that is flowing through me is not of my own doing…but love is on my mind. And it’s not the idea of love, I am positive that those around me are the healthiest forms of pure love I experienced to date.but this desire to make love…is what is on my mind.
To make love in the simplest of terms in the most beautifulest way. Nothing animalistic or lustful about it…well I guess that depends on who you ask. Looking Into the eyes of the man I love. The only human I’ve experienced the deepest connection and chemistry with…we have yet to put into action. To have him hold me, kiss me,caress me and escort me to a place I’ve always wanted to go. Simple, subtle, meaningful and the most comforting place I’ve ever wanted to be. No judgment, no silliness…just us in our purest form.
No one else matters.
Just him and I. I am his wife…and I want to live in this moment forever.

I want to make love to the man I was created for.

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