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I don’t care who you are or what you claim to be. We all want to be loved. I am not sure if most of us realize it, but love really is what it’s all about. I believe love makes it all worth it.

We want that someone who we can be vulnerable with. That someone we can share our deepest thoughts. That someone who will have our back and defend us because truth be told, the offense hurt them too. We all want someone to be there for us, to help us makes sense of things and who cares enough to listen. We all want the support, to give us then push when we need it and to clean up the mess when it hit the fan. We want someone who will never judge us, but will always be honest, even when it hurts. We want someone to stand by us as our bodies heal and give us the affection that aids the progress.
Love can come from several different outlets. Family will be our first experience. We will grow to make friends, we experience love with friendships. And if we are truly lucky, we will fall in love and that person will become our spouse. Falling in love with someone, and putting that love into action, touching souls,and experiencing true intimacy.
But I have learned that the greatest outlet of love comes from God. It is through this relationship that I have experienced love in its purest form. Gods love changed my life and there’s nothing I can do about it. Because God loves me, I am able to love myself. And now that I truly love me, I can love you.

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