In these moments


Every once in a while, I let myself indulge in thoughts of you. I let my mind dabble with the idea of what if…or when. It feels good and always seems to lighten my mood.
I think about us in the park. Sitting, walking, sharing laughs secrets thoughts and touching. I get to bask in the realm of you. You have my full attention my mind peaks at the aurora of you. I’m engulfed and I process all that you share. You stare at me with the intensity that reassures me that you are the one. You give me the best of you in every second and we recognize that we are blessed. Blessed for many reasons all at the same time because we knew that we are lucky enough to find Gods perfect match in each other, in this lifetime, in this moment.
Your hands embrace me and it feels so good it has to be right. I know God is good and capable, I’m not sure that it gets any better than this.
Our day together is like a thirty minute class of our favorite subject. ..each other.
Lets make it last forever….no let me get myself up out this daydream. If I’m not careful, I’ll immerse myself in these moments forever but I must stop. Step back and release it. Only time will tell and life will happen.But until next time when you cross my mind and insist on staying a while. The light is on.

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