More to do *rant*


Tonight I learned of a young man who had recently passed away. He passed away from pneumonia….and that gave me clarity.
As a someone who has asthma…I have pneumonia frequently, I probably had it more times than I know. I have been hospitalized with it twice, once for six days and then four years later, for ten days. Just last year a doctor wanted very badly to hospitalize because of the condition, but was afraid that the environment would cause more harm…
I pray for this young mans loved ones, that they find peace in this trying time. But I know that it could have easily been me.

I love life, I love those in my life…I am grateful to God for it all.
The fact that nothing, include pneumonia, has caused my death yet, means that i still have to do. Love to give, people to inspire, worlds to change, breath in my body, great food to eat, dances to do and so much more. There is still more for me to…and damn it, IM GONNA DO IT.
We just entered into 2013, and what a way to do. Knowing that many work is not done. So, I got some living to do….care to join me.

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