Mr. Brownskin

black men


I glance in your direction
A smile stretches across my face
You are a part of me
I watch you walk, in sequence to a beat only you hear
Your back is heavy with burdens that I try so hard to understand
You hold the world upon your shoulders and the weigh gets heavy
Your arms are carriers that conquers everything from
a crying baby to a woman in distress
Hands that serve us all
you are uniquely you,
bald, fro, faded or dreaded
bearded, goatee, naked or mustache
Fair, brown or dark
Towering over my 5’3 body or within my reach
Off all the variations possible
I would not change a single thing about you
Business in your suit
Timbs and snapback
Slacks and loafers
Jeans and belts
Button downs and ties
You wear it all so well
There is none like you
Yet so many imitate the being you are
You make me so proud
You are the direct reflection of me
The childish ways are no more
You are the first man your daughter will love
That relationship will shape her life
Your son will always believe you are superman
He will follow your example closely; choose wisely
I will hold you down and have your back
You are my king, I trust you to lead me
More times than most
The odds are againist you
Stereotypes and the preconceived notions
Your the first one to be blamed
And the last one to hear an apology
Many have something negative to say
Choose not to listen
Dont become something that shames us
you fit nothing but the image you have for yourself
The possibilities are limitless
Athlete, rapper and  prison are not your only opinions
College professor, barber, truck driver,engineer, singer,carpenter
Pastor,chef, officer, landscaper,mechanic, accountant, handyman
Have you seen our President?
Don’t ignore the reflections and thoughts inside you
Work through that pain and hurt
You are better than sex and drugs
Help the ones that need it
Only you can truly understand
We don’t need you to be perfect
We just want you not to give up
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