Decided to open a Tumblr page sometime ago, I  liked looking the pages, it was entertaining. I was able to write a little but it wasn’t exactly what it should be. I was supposed to be on a bigger scale.
A year ago today, June 3, 2012, I moved all my writings from Tumblr and created my own blogspot.  It was cool, I could write as much, as often and I could with no real restraints. I loved it. I put the address as my email signature. My employer, friends, Craigslist sellers, family  and anyone I made contact with saw the link. Most decided to click it. I was surprised when many told me they read it and they enjoyed it. I was surprised at the conversations it ignited. We are so much more alike than we are different. I was happy to know my words helped others.

December 2012, I purchased my own domains, and I took my thoughts off of blogger. I decided to do it with my own site. I also decided I was no longer working for anyone else in a full time capacity. I knew there was something bigger and better for me. So I decided to go after it
This morning, June 3, 2013, I woke up under the wrath of my seasonal allergies. I received bad news and it wasn’t long before I was discouraged and I feeling defeated. I questioned everything I’ve done.
I went to an old site and I realized it was my blogging anniversary. Ive said it before, yes I am living my dream. Dreams aren’t easy to live by. I know that some people go their whole lives, never knowing or perusing the true desires of their own hearts. I wouldn’t trade this journey for nothing in the world. It’s been rough but it’s been worth it. There has been days that good things happen, but I’ve had more days when absolutely nothing has happened. But, I know God has lead me here.

I don’t get many comments, but the emails I receive and the traffic logs tell me that you see my work. This only the beginning, trust!  Books are to come, you will hear my voice and maybe even see my face. But either way, I appreciate you for reading when you do, and recommending, if you do.
From the bottom my heart, THANK YOU

image via ‘Champagne Flutes With Strawberries” by m_bartosch

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