My offense


To you my friend

I know I told you some time ago
But I hope you remember that I never meant to wrong you
Love is still there
If I could change anything about my life
I would take back the offense
Even my darkest days, could stay
If I could take back what I did

I try to tell myself that you know me
So you must know how hurt I am
I think of the years we shared
I pray you don’t curse me when you do the same

I have forgiven myself for what I did
I could no longer live in that shame
But every now and again,
my heart aches over my actions
I would do anything to change it
You looked me in my eyes, and declared you would never hate me
But affirmed that you were pissed

So much time has passed
I promised to give you the space you requested
I hoped you are healed
Your life is not on my timeline

So wherever you are
know that I still think of you
And from the pit of my heart
I hope you’ve forgiven me

Image via “Sorry1” by gubgib

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