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I don’t know how to begin this. In way one, am grateful beyond words, and more than anything,  I am unworthy. Today is RESURRECTION Sunday. The day we celebrate the greatest example of love ever shown.

Personally, I am not even sure if I would die for me or if I would give me a second chance. There has been and will be times that I’m insane in my actions and wants. I can be hardheaded, dishonest, selfish, carnal…this list could go on. I’m imperfectly perfect. And yet God loves and bless’ me like I was a perfect angel.
So I will just say thank you!!!

Thank you Jesus for loving me more than I loved myself. Thank you God for your grace of giving me what I don’t deserve. Thank you Holy Spirit for your mercy of not giving me what I do deserve.  Thank you God for never leaving my side even when I said you did. Thank you God for not expecting me to be perfect but blessing me like I am. Thank you Jesus for holding me in my broken places, and leading me out. Thank you God for guiding me down a path, that only you could. Thank you Jesus for mending my broken heart. Thank you Holy Spirit for protecting me, even when I placed myself in dangerous territory. Thank you God for your faithfulness.
Thank you God for redeeming me. Thank you God for sending your son to die for me. Thank you Jesus for the love. The love that is shown to me and many others every single day of our lives.  Thank you for hearing me, listening to my thoughts, and blessing me without me uttering a word. Thank you God for the plans you have for my life, that are much bigger than my greatest dream. Thank you Holy Spirit for you presence in my life, mind, body and soul.Thank you for saving me.
I belong to you…

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